10 Tips for Batch Filming Your Videos – Quick Start

by Michael Brook

10 Great Tips for video recording days where you batch film.

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1. Plan what you are going to say – you’ll have heard the quote by Benjamin Franklin:

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

It’s not a good idea to try and do a long video recording without a prepared plan. Think it through. Make sure you have a beginning a middle and an end.

Perhaps create Q cards to rehearse with.

If it’s a long video then script it… scripting helps you avoid missing out essential elements, keeps you on track, on point and prevents you going off on tangents.

And if it’s a very long video or you plan to shoot a lot at one time you might even consider a teleprompter. This can really speed up the process of shooting a lot in one go.

2. Now this leads me on to my second point – Dedicate time to batch filming.

Batch filming can be a really good idea, especially if you are using a space that is not necessarily dedicated to your filming. It means you can create your set and film quite a few videos without having to set up your kit and take it back down again each time. It also means that you get into flow. It gets much easier when you’re in rhythm. Stopping and starting doesn’t do much for the flow of your recordings and also may help you keep a consistent look, if that’s important to you.

3. When it comes to a consistent look you may decide you want to look a certain way for your audience. Remaining relatively consistent helps your audience and gives them a sense of Comfort. Consistency may apply to the way you dress it may also apply to your background. One thing is visually you will want to look presentable, whatever that means to you.

4. Do a test record. This might seem just like common sense. And of course it is. Doing a test record can save you tons of time by not having to re-record your video. When you do a test record check for things like sound and sound quality. It might sound daft but it’s easy to start a video recording without having the mic switched on! Check the lighting and camera settings and also check you’re in the right place and that you don’t have plants or ornaments coming out of the top of your head. I wouldn’t expect you to record the whole video – just record a minute or so, just to check your settings, your position etc.

5. Stand while recording for more energy. If you want to give your recordings more umph standing up can help. It allows you to get more oxygen in your lungs and just standing up rather than sitting down can physically change your presence as well as your emotional state. I don’t always do it myself but depending on the video you are shooting it’s worth bearing in mind.

6. When you’re thinking of setting up your Camera for your recording, set your white balance and focus to manual. As the talent might move forward and back whilst being animated in the presentation, if you have autofocus set the camera can try and do its best to keep up with the movement and you might see the camera coming in and out of focus. The same can be true of white balance. If you have the white balance set to auto it will try and change its setting as the lighting changes in the room. This is particularly important if you’re using natural light or filming outdoors.

7. Check your batteries. Make sure you have full batteries for your camera, your microphones and your lights before you start. There is nothing more frustrating than batteries running out during shoot. In the case of your microphone you might not even notice if the battery has run out, until you import your video into the computer for editing. That’s incredibly annoying when you have a beautifully shot video and the sound cuts out.
Also make sure you have enough spare batteries the keep your equipment fully charged throughout the day. If the battery does run out you might not have time to recharge it.

8. Try to smile throughout your recording and smile particularly at the end of the recording. This is likely to be the frame that your audience is left with. So try and make it happy smiley face full of optimism.

9. Take a break. If you are spending the whole day filming don’t try and do all your videos back to back. You might not feel like your energy levels are falling butt Your audience will notice dips in energy as you get tired throughout the day. So take a break, keep hydrated and have snacks to keep their energy up. It really can be very obvious when you’re tired or even becoming bored throughout a full day of filming.

10. Use muscle memory. If you are taking breaks throughout the day, when you return to the set make sure you use muscle memory to make sure you’re in the same place. This is particularly important if you’re standing up to shoot your video.

So, there you are, 10 tips that will stand you in really good sted for shooting a whole batch of videos.

1. Plan
2. Do film in batches
3. Keep your look consistent
4. Do a test recording
5. Stand for more energy
6. Set your camera to manual focus and white balance
7. Check your batteries
8. Smile throughout
9. Take breaks to remain fresh
10. Use muscle memory to keep your place on set

If this has been valuable why not download the check list I’ve created as additional material for this video.

Download the checklist

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