3 Tips to increase engagement with your audience

by Michael Brook

3 easy things you can do to make your course more engaging.

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Here are three things that you can do to ensure your courses are better, make your students happier and get more student engagement.

1. Add additional resources to your course

This could be anything from a PDF download to additional video lessons or the audio version of your course. You can even take the entire course outline, create a checklist out of it and give it to the students at the start of the class.

This kind of download will make students feel they are getting value for money. They just love downloading things whatever it is. The key is of course you do need to make it valuable but whatever it is, students are going to perceive your courses having more value if you have more downloads in it.

One example might be to give them practical exercises. It’s easier to get students to take action, If you make it easy for them. If you give them everything they need to take action they will. You can do it really with any course topic. Just come up with assignments and give them resources to help them out.

2. Use face to camera footage and cutaway footage or b role as we sometimes call it.

These are the shots that you cut away to, that provide examples or more demonstration of what you’re talking about and it’s often better than just a slide with some text.

Face to camera videos will make your courses more engaging.

Just the fact that you are looking at the camera, making eye contact builds some sort of connection or rapport with your audience.

It’s not impossible to build that connection just with my voice over some slides but it’s easier with your face on the screen.

I will show you how to create talking head videos in another video.

Adding actual video examples that demonstrate what you’re talking about, just adds to the quality of your course and it helps teach better than just again a slide based course.

3. After they enroll in your course, why not send them a message. Send them emails with announcements with unexpected bonus ideas and tips.

You can also do things like holding competitions and challenges that relate to what you have been teaching them, as a way to get them to take action. This will always increase engagement.

If you can give away some sort of prize it will really encourage people to take part in your competitions.

This kind of activity can also build a community within your student base and that will also help your students find value and enjoy your class better.

So these are three things that you can start right now doing even if its you first course or a module within your course.

If this has been valuable why not down load the check list and PDF I’ve created as additional material for this post.

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