Apple iPhone no longer has the best camera

by Michael Brook

Three top phone manufacturers all claim to have the best camera. Apple, Samsung and the Google pixel.

This week the Washington Post, no less; revealed they evaluated all three phones in a head-to-head challenge and they have found that Apple no longer has the best camera built into a phone.

According to the Washington Post Tech review the best camera to be found on a phone is now the Samsung Galaxy S9.

So what does this mean to you, what does this mean to anyone wanting to create online products with the camera built into their phone…


All of these smart phones have amazing professional grade video cameras built in and you should feel entirely comfortable using that Video Production Suite you have in your pocket to start making your online products.

If you may or may not realise is whichever smartphone you have in your pocket the Apple, Samsung and Google pixel all three have a 4K camera built-in which means it’s four times HD quality. All these cameras are also capable of editing your video on the fly.

10 years ago the capability of these camera phones would have cost you tens of thousands of pounds – if indeed you could have found it.

So that’s the level of video firepower you have at your disposal today. The thing is you probably don’t know how to use this to make your online products.

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