How to get your YouTube Video to Rank Higher on YouTube and Google searches

by Michael Brook

This is the first in a series about using YouTube to market your stuff and it’s laser targeted in what I’m showing you in these videos… so I’m not going to be showing you how to become a youtuber as such… what I am showing is all the practical ways you can use YouTube for marketing your business and your products.

So if your plan is use YouTube videos to market your online product or any product for that matter, you need to optimise your YouTube videos and get them to rank high on Google and YouTube searches.

And of course our primary aim is to show you how you can use YouTube videos to market your online products!

If people can’t find your YouTube videos it’s not really going to help.

The way you optimise your YouTube videos so they can be seen easier, is through improving your SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimisation.

This is all about the information you put in, on and around your video that will help you to get your videos in front of people more easily.

The way to do this is through using titles, descriptions, tags and through what you might call subtitles or closed captions.

The key to this is to use keywords and phrases. You can use those key words and phrases in your titles, your descriptions, your tags and those closed captions.

So what I mean by keywords and phrases are the actual words people are likely to type in when searching for a video on the topic that your video is about.

So I’ll give you some examples from videos my clients might use to promote their online products.

One of my ‘Done For You’ clients has a unique way of teaching English as a foreign language. So if your video is about learning tenses as part of learning English as a foreign language… then the words ‘tenses’ and ‘learning English as a foreign language’ are words that should certainly be used as some of the key words.

Another of my clients has a product helping people learn about and combat burnout.

So which words might someone type in when searching for this topic?

How to avoid burnout… or How to beat burnout.. these of course could be better, but we will get into that in one of the next videos in this series… I just need a quick example for now.

So in both examples these maybe words and phrases people might be typing in to the Google or YouTube search engine. Therefore these should be words used in the titles, description or tags and of course in those closed captions.

So I think you can understand why this makes sense.

But here is another thing you should do… and that is find out what other people are using in their titles, tags and descriptions for videos of a similar topic. You can compete with them by using the same key words especially if your competitor’s videos are ranking well in the searches.

It’s also a good idea to use your branding in your key words too… in this way if people type in …oh let’s say how to create online products… and I have used my branding in my videos key words… when the search engine shows up one of my videos for creating online products… there is a good chance other videos from My Expertise Online might show up… as YouTube will think that other My Expertise Online videos will be relevant to people searching for these key words and the same topics.

OK so this is the most important stuff… the main way YouTube judges and therefore ranks video is based in how relevant they think it is, and the way they measure this is how long do people stay watching a video after they have started… if they click away after only a few second then it will be judged as less relevant than a video where someone watches until the end… and therefore it will rank low.

So it may surprise you that the thumbnails you use will affect your SEO indirectly.

I know this might sound strange, but it’s important to make sure your thumbnail is an indicator of what can be found in your video. You will perhaps be familiar with the phrase it does what it says on the tin. Well thumbnails should be similar.

Let me explain.

As I have said… the time people spend on your video is critical to how well it ranks. If people see a thumbnail, start watching the video because the thumbnail indicates that the video contains what they are looking for and then find it’s not, they are likely to stop watching quickly and search for something else more relevant.

So if your videos are only being watched for a very short time because it’s not what people thought it was, YouTube will determine it’s a less relevant video and therefore it will rank much lower.

Of course the reverse is true if people click on your video and watch for the duration of the video, YouTube will determine that it’s very relevant and therefore it will rank much higher.

Another tip to get your YouTube videos ranking higher is this… and this is important…

…What you say in the first 7 seconds should smack them between the eyes, you need to tell them this video is just what they are searching for!

You need to grab them and make them want to stay in that first 7-9 seconds or thy might just leave, which as you now know will make your video rank lower.

So many people make a mistake here – they get very arty and fluffy in the first minute – I’ve done this myself – wandering through a nice green field or whatever… and bang you’ve lost them. They have gone looking for what they want.

So in the first few seconds, using the previous examples, I would be saying something like

“The chances are you’re here because you want to create an online product.”

Or “The chances are you’re here because you were searching for information about learning English tenses for business English”, yes as blatant as that!

The phrase, “The chances are you’re here because”, is taken from one of my scripts and I’ll share this with you soon in one of this series of videos. (I’ll share the full script so you can just use it in your own videos and I’ll walk you through how to use it in your videos…)

Next thing is… don’t try to cover too much in one video.

Remember what we are talking about here is using YouTube videos to market your product so don’t get too general, only talk about the key words or phrases. If you want to talk about other aspects of what you do or about your product make another video.

Next make short videos.

We have already discussed if you want your videos to rank highly, how important it is for people to watch all or most of the video, so only make videos 2-3 minutes long. There is a much better chance of people with a short attention span watching all of a 3 minute video than a 10 minute video.

The message you need to convey is that I get you.. I know what you want and I have what you need in my course or on my web site… get them off YouTube as soon as you can after they have watched your video. There are far too many distractions on there.

Also where is your call to action? Typically it’s going to be at the end – so you do need them to get to the end of your video.