How to create stress free abundance in retirement – without reinventing yourself

by Michael Brook

How creating your own online products can give you stress free abundance in retirement.

As entrepreneurs retirement can feel a daunting prospect for many of us.

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One of the problems might be the very nature of our personality. To achieve any level of success as business owners and entrepreneur particularly, in what I think of as the helping professions: coaches, trainers, consultants, and therapists, we have probably focused a lot of our time and energy into making our business succeed. The very thought of changing our lifestyle and retiring can be quite unsettling, to say the least.

For some entrepreneurs, the thought of retirement is a worrying prospect financially. For some they invested their nest egg in making the business work or at times just to stay afloat during difficult times.

Perhaps earnings are good whilst you continue doing what you do, but the thought of turning the tap off and doing less or even stopping work, is just not financially viable.

Even more worrying still is some of those pension plans that many were counting on, and should have made retiring comfortable, have just not been performing and the money is just not there.

For some retirement means a change in status. We like being business owners, we like making a difference, we like helping others to achieve. That feeling of fulfilment of changing businesses, organisations and individual performance can be a real rush, not one that we want to give up lightly.

So we can see there are so many reasons why for self-employed entrepreneurs retirement doesn’t seem a great option, and yet there might be just as many reasons why we simply have to change the way we work or do something different, even if we don’t go all out into retirement in the traditional sense. (In fact retirement in that traditional sense is probably never going to happen for many of us.)

Some feel the need to change because they are just bored of doing what they have been doing for a very long time. I have clients now who have spent years developing their business but are now struggling to find the motivation to put the effort and enthusiasm in on a day to day basis.

Some find the need to change because they can no longer perform the way that they used to do – perhaps as a trainer when you’re on your feet six or seven hours at stretch. I know therapists who are experiencing burnout, and are just sick of dealing with needy people… I know there is some irony in there somewhere. I know trainers and consultants who are just fed up with unreasonable and demanding clients who quite frankly are just taking the P… For some travel has become too much either physically or emotionally, or they just don’t want to be away from family and friends for long periods any more.

But there is a solution.

Creation of online products, like educational or how to products, can be a lifeline for the entrepreneur who’s focus has been coaching, training, consulting or therapy. But also for people who have been in business and employed for much of their careers, who now for the first time want to go it alone, and use the wealth of experience, knowhow and expertise they have built up over years and years.

In fact there is strong evidence, older people are staring their own business for the first time, after years of being employed. A recent Click & Invest report revealed that more than a third of the British population is taking active control over their future by starting their own business or changing the way they work. It is no surprise that 19% of this group tend to be older, with an average age of 52.
This generation continues to rewrite the old rules of retirement and change expectations about what a start-up can be.

So what do you need to consider if you are planning to start a business in retirement?

For many business owners and entrepreneurs who are coaches, trainers, therapists and consultants the way to change your life significantly is found through creating online products. Informational products can be sold anywhere, any time, to anyone, 24/7 and is a real solution that can make the possibility of some level change in your situation possible. It might look more like a retired lifestyle and still deliver stress free abundance, which is what I believe we should all be striving for anyway, whatever stage of life you are at.

So when you are thinking about investing in your future, do not overlook your unique selling point (USP). Your most valuable asset is your experience, knowledge and expertise. The skills, knowledge and expertise you have built up over time, will always give your new business significant advantages when you use them to create your own online products, which means that you can have a new successful business without retraining or reinventing your self.

You will of course have to learn knew things… but these are the essential marketing skills you need to create a successful online business. Also the knowhow needed to create structured online products… the core expertise will be the same, so the learning curve will be relatively quick.

For the last five years I’ve been creating online products for myself and also creating online products for clients – people like you and me, who either want to change the way they live, the way they do business, or they want to change the way they earn their living.

Watch my video above to meet some real people who might inspire you to think about taking this route to create a change in the way you work.

Of the clients I am are currently working with it struck me recently how many of them are reaching that time of their life where they are not necessarily thinking about retiring, although it’s in the back of their mind, they are certainly looking to start to do things differently. They’re either wanting to travel less, be on their feet less, have less stress, or create more abundance whilst being able to do what they’ve developed and loved doing for so many years.

So if you have skills, knowledge, experience and expertise that you have built over the years and would prefer not to let all those assets go to waste, if you would like to transform your business and in so doing transform your life and if you would like to create a new life built upon stress free abundance, then perhaps creating an online product or even a series of online products is the route you should be going down.

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