Brand Identity for Your Online Product Creation

by Michael Brook

This is the first of 2 videos about brand identity for product creation

In digital marketing and particularly online product creation your brand identity is often created through the visuals you create and use throughout your product. So I’m talking about here at the graphics that you create for your brand. This includes the pictures and images, colours, fonts and the style you use when communicating with your specific audience.

And as entrepreneurs one of the problems we face is that everything looks bright and shiny and we want to have a bright, shiny image.

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What this sometimes means is we tend to want to have a bit of this and a bit of that.

We decide we like this colour one week and will use it, we like another colour the next week and we use that; we decide we like one font this week and get excited about it, using that for a while and then we find another font we like so start to use that. We then decide we like one style of delivery and stick with that for a while and then we decide we like another style of delivery and go with that for a while.

This is normal human behaviour, especially when you are into what you do, you want to keep at the sharp end and ahead of the curve to use some popular metaphors…

But… if I was to give you two pieces of advice right up front it would be this:

First off – try to remain consistent. You should aim to keep a consistent look throughout your marketing and in particular through the creation of your product.

My second piece of advice is to keep it simple. I have worked with so many people, who when they’re trying to create their online product they want to overcomplicate things. So keep things as simple as you possibly can.

Just think for a moment about some of our favourite and biggest brands in the world.

Think about some of those brand identities that you hardly notice, because they’re just so much a part of what you see everyday.

Think about Nike… does Nike have a simple image? Yes, of course it does. Just a simple tick. Does Nike change their image frequently? No – they have had same word Nike With that simple tick and they have had that forever.

Does McDonald’s have a simple image? Yes. Has that image being the same for years and years? Ye,s of course it has. Is the colour that McDonald’s use consistent?, Yes, it has the same image for a long time and is the same image whichever country in the world you visit.

What about Coca-Cola? Like Nike And McDonald’s their logo is essentially the words Coca-Cola and the colour has remained consistent for a long time.

What about new companies like Amazon? Their branding and their colours are consistent, across all their services…

What about Apple? The branding couldn’t be more simple and couldn’t be more consistent.

So I suppose the main message here is don’t be like a magpie collecting bright shiny things. Keep your colours and style constant and keep it simple – keep it a simple as possible.

The problem with new trends in logos and fonts and all things relating to style, is they go out of fashion.

In the next video we will look at some amazing tools for helping you get your brand image out there.

Some of these tools are actually free. I’ll show you some amazing tools for helping you choose your colours, pick your perfect font and even creating slides and graphics for your online products.

Once again when creating online products today we benefit from such amazing tools which make our life so much easier.

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