Product Creation Success using an elite military philosophy

by Michael Brook

My Expertise OnLine Academy for successful product creation

The My Expertise Online Academy is designed to help you create, market and sell your online products.

That’s it in a nutshell I suppose… and it’s what I was looking for back in the day when I started creating online products. I would have been so grateful for one site giving me everything I needed – that would have made my life so much easier back then… and so that’s what I wanted to create…

So of course you’ll not be surprised to find that as members of the Academy you get access to content about how to create your online products. Of course that’s what you’d expect to find as a members of an online Academy focused on helping you take your online product or course to market.

But it may surprise you to find what else we cover in the monthly content of the Academy. Success is not just down to the creation of the product.

my expertise online academy vital triangle

This pyramid is at the heart of the type of content you can find throughout the Academy.

So let me explain the premise of the pyramid and why it is the lifeblood of the content I want to give you each month.

The idea came from a friend of mine who was a member of that elite section of the British Army called the SAS.

Although my friend was always very professional and necessarily cagey about the type of missions and in particular the training they went through, there was one thing he did share with me. The Vital Triangle. He could share this with confidence as it is widely known and now published in various books about combat and survival.

My friend always knew that I have always been fascinated about how the mind determines success. He knew about my background in neurosciences. And he was very happy to share with me this triangle of success that the SAS holds in such high esteem… This model of success was developed by an SAS soldier call Lofty Wiseman.

For many years now I have built these principles into the design of my training programs and courses and not surprisingly I built these tiers if excellence or the vital triangle into the whole of the My Expertise Online Academy’s content and structure.

Let me talk through the triangle, because if you are the type of person looking to transform your business and grow both professionally and personally you need to know this.

First thing to point out is that the bigger sections and the nearer the bottom of the pyramid – the more important the element is.

And as you can clearly see the most important element of success is mind-set. There’ve been many talented people who have failed because their mental state was not supporting their endeavours and efforts.

So throughout the Academy you will find articles and short courses on NLP and specifically mind-set, that will help ensure your success throughout the toughest of times. An example of this was a recent article in the Academy about how to get unstuck. You see, if you don’t have the right mind-set sometimes you can just feel stuck or even paralysed. Even if you have the best knowledge, the best education and the best strategies out there without peak mental state you’ll never get through it.

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What you don't know about the comfort zone and how to get unstuck

So although I don’t bang on about mind-set incessantly, as someone who has specialised in helping business leaders develop a robust and resourceful mind-set and motivation and I’ve also worked as a clinical hypnotherapist helping people through some of the toughest times of the or lives, it would certainly be remiss of me not to include some mind-set tutorials within the Academy.

The next most important element of the Vital Pyramid and the My Expertise OnLine Academy is Game Plan or perhaps you think of it as strategy.

So your game plan must take you through from start to finish, step by step. An example from the Academy… My Product Creation Mastery Course (which is included in the Academy) includes my 4 Stage Blueprint and is the game plan you need to get your product ideas and take them from concept, through the design and creation all the way through to taking it to market. So it literally takes you through from start to finish, it’s step by step, it’s sequenced and systematised and it’s easy o follow. All these things are the hallmarks of a great game plan.

In the next level in order of importance is skills. Of course you need a varied and robust set of skills in order to make the game plan or strategy work.

Now as a far as product and course creation is concerned there are obviously a great deal of skills that are needed and you can build. These range from computer skills, editing skills, film production skills, scripting and copywriting skills and so on. But the skills that people miss and don’t develop are the marketing skills we need to be a success with our product creation.

Being able to create an evergreen webinar, put it together and get an audience to that webinar is an example of a series of marketing skills it would be useful to develop.

Just creating a marketing campaign whether that be an email campaign, a YouTube campaign or a video marketing series perhaps. I realise how important these things are in terms of success and that’s why I focus on marketing throughout the academy and not just the creation aspect.

You may choose to outsource some of these jobs, but I do believe it pays dividends to build the skills yourself and then you can decide which skillsets you hire in.
It’s also important to know what good looks like, so when you do outsource skills at least you know if the people you are hiring are doing a good job for you.

Personally I like to build skills… I am inherently a doer, and do think that it is important to have a great arsenal of skills in your armoury.

The last step on the triangle, the tip of the Vital Triangle is tools. This is what the SAS call kit.

This includes tech… which equally as many people hate as love it… people tend to be one way or the other as far as tech is concerned.

So we cover tech in all its forms throughout the Academy. One of the most frequent questions members ask is which camera to use or how to create excellent sound and lighting. Not knowing can cause people to have night sweats. And yet it can be very simple when explained well.

So through the Academy and within the Product Creation Mastery Course you will discover which kit to use or buy and exactly how to use it. I only show stuff that works and I don’t show stupid, expensive kit… there is usually a non expensive alternative to most tools or pieces of kit. In reality the kit you use doesn’t matter, although there is no doubt that kit or the tools you do use can be very emotive and if you can use kit that gets better results or saves time, why not and being able to get the best out of the kit you do use is very important

So by using the Vital Pyramid as a template for success I try to ensure we give you a rich and varied range of topics to ensure you can take your product and course enthusiasms through to a successful conclusion.

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